About Oladipo Awe & Co

The Law Firm of OLADIPO AWE & CO is engaged in Commercial, Corporate and International law practice.
Our area of practice cuts across Commercial and Corporate Law practice. The firm specializes in Revenue and Tax Law practice, Aviation, Maritime Law, Intellectual property law, Insurance and Property law.
Established in 1990 and structured under a principal founder, working along with several Associates in Chambers as well as a team of legal consultants, the firm has enjoyed the wealth of experience brought in by the principal, Associates and legal consultants in advocacy and solicitorship in major spheres of legal practice.

Commercial / Corporate

We assist in provision of legal advice and assistance in the structuring of operation of companies.. .

Property / Real Estate

Property leasing and provision of legal advice and assistance to landlords and tenants..

Energy & Natural Resources

Advice to companies on the prevailing laws regulating the operation of mining activities in Nigeria.


Resolution of disputes in commercial and corporate transactions, liquidations, arbitration, employment..
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Our Unique Points at Oladipo Awe & Co

Over the years, our firm has provided legal services to our diverse clients in varied aspects of their peculiar operational needs.

Dynamic and Efficient Team

Our dynamism and efficiency enables us to deliver quality legal services to our clients.

Timeliness and Prompt Delivery

At The Law firm of Oladipo Awe and Co, we pride ourselves in our reputation for being prompt and timely in the execution of briefs. .

Professionalism and Experience

We are committed to innovation, excellence, and professionalism. Our value stems from the talent, dilligence and commitment of our team..